Lissa Marie

Lissa-Marie is a Philadelphia based Beauty, Event and Lifestyle blogger on a mission to use her various social media platforms to connect with women in honest conversation about all things related to millennial women. Originally starting her namesake blog to share personal anecdotes, dubbed #Marieisms, lessons in being a young professional, dating, fashion, beatuty and more. What began as a hobby quickly turned into more leading to opportunities like speaking on panels, being interviewed for two online radio shows and becoming a brand ambassador for multiple brands. While never in her wildest dreams did Lissa-Marie believe that her site would make such an impact and be read nationally and internationally.

Once settled with the realization that her voice was being heard Lissa-Marie knew she wanted to take that impact even further. During May of 2015, which is National Mental Health Awareness Month, Lissa-Marie launched #DontCallMeCrazy. #DontCallMeCrazy is a social awareness initiative that delves into Mental Illness, highlighting its effects on the black community. Using both her social media and blog to share facts, detailed research and personal accounts from herself and others Lissa-Marie began to peel back the stereotypes and misconceptions of mental illness. Lissa-Marie plans to continue to advocate for mental-illness and bring light to healthier ways to achieve mental wellness and destigmatize myths that surround mental illness.

While Lissa-Marie has accomplished some major career goals in s short-time span, she knows she is just getting started. In 2016 she became a brand ambassador for the global wellness company, a brand ambassador and “reviewer” for Sistah Girls Book Club and was inducted into the National Leaderhip and Success Honor Society at Temple University where she is a Media and Communications major. Lissa-Marie is also working on her ultimate goal, penning a full length novel which will be self-published by her co-owned company Pink Ink Publishings, LLC. Lissa-Marie will continue to keep the conversation open on all her social media platforms hoping to inspire women to remain confident, curious and steadfast in faith. Fueled with passion and purpose Lissa-Marie is looking forward to her future achievements big and small.

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