All About Brunch w. #100BusinessGirls

I have been subscribed to and keeping up with #100BusinessGirls for about the past two years, but this past Sunday was the first time I was able to attend one of their events. For some background #100Businessgirls is {} for socially ambitious and creative entrepreneurs and professionals. As excited as I was to meet up with some like minded women of business while chowing down and sipping mimosas my day wasn’t quite going as planned. I wound up behind schedule and running late to the “Let’s Do Brunch” networking event at Iron Hill Brewery. Through anxiety I made my way to brunch and I sure am glad I did. I was greeted with nothing but warmth and kindness. When #100BusinessGirls co-founder Jamillah Y. Johnson stated that her ultimate goals was to create an intimate space that took the “work” out of networking that is exactly what transpired.

All of the ladies went around the table introducing themselves and their businesses, answered inquiries about how they got started in business and how long they’ve been in business. Conversation flowed freely and the hostess even had a few questions posed for the attendees to answer.

I am completely stoked that despite my initial anxiety of attending the event alone and running late I still showed up and met some great new business acquaintances. I look forward to future events that #100BusinessGirls host and working with the other women I met to either utilize or promote their businesses.

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  1. Inspired by your tenacity through adversity in seeing this task through! Thats always usually the start of something worth doing/having, and it sounds like this was a beautiful blossom to a life long endeavor!

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