I Survived 2017

It is human nature that when in the throes of immediate danger we put all of our energy into just trying to survive. Our end goal is always simple; make it to the other side alive. That was the only thing I set my mind to do in 2017. I needed to make it out spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially. As the holidays season swept in I came out of my hazed stated of laser focus and looked around and realized I had done it. I had the bruises and scars, must of which were mental and emotional to prove it, but I had survived one of the most trying years of my adult life. There was death, there was weight gain, there were unplanned for responsibilities, there was the loss of friendships and unbelievable amounts of debt, and then there was me with a promise. I promised if I just made it to the other side of 2017 and lived to tell about it, that I would.

So here are the top three things I took away from some of the things I got through in 2017:

  1. Trust God

This is something I’ve always struggled with. I am human after all. After things falling apart time and time again, I learned that this might be for the best. Even the things we want to work so much sometimes simply aren’t what we need, and we have to keep faith that what is for us will never pass us by.


  1. Life moves on fast, you don’t have to

It was in my mourning that I realized how quickly life can move. While I was stuck being sad, confused and hurt there were still assignments due in school, projects needing completion at work and bills to be paid. I felt like life was just moving and I was stuck. Although I had to keep up with my life, I made sure I had an allotted amount of time every say to be sad, to be still, to be confused to be angry. When tragic things happen in life, yes, life will go on, but don’t let it rush you to do so emotionally.


  1. Pain can be good for you

No one likes pain. It hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It sucks. There also is no healing without pain. You must experience pain to find the full joy of peace.

As important as it was to survive 2017, it was just as important, if not even more so to learn from it. I look forward to all that 2018 has in store and am confident that 2017 gave me everything I need to navigate it to my success.

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