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Moguls in Media 2-Year Anniversary Dinner

On January 10, 2017 I was invited to participate in Darcel Laurie’s Moguls in Media 2-Year Celebratory Dinner. The event was hosted at the We Work 16th & Market location in a private space area. The limited amount of guests got to mix and mingle with some of the tri-states up and coming media talents as well as those with history in the media community. While networking guests were served food from Chef Christine Hazel’s menu which consisted of lobster rolls, macaroni and cheese, vegan gumbo, wine and more.

During the intimate event Darcel shared that she began Moguls in Media 2-years ago as a way to help connect new talents with the dos and donts of the media industry, opportunities and how to become a success. Last year she was able to take her talents and knowledge on tour hitting four cities while working with some of the biggest names in media. Darcel’s goal is to continue to connect with those in the media industry and has now published a new book “I’m Tired of One Night Stands With Success, I Want a Fully Committed Relationship.” In this book she shares her journey and some lessons on how she has navigated her career in the media industry.

At the Moguls in Media 2-year Anniversary Dinner Darcel took a moment to honor other moguls in media she has worked with while building her career. The event was awesome and a great way to kick off the 2018 year. I wish Darcel much success as she continues to use her resources to connect and empower those in the media field.

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