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In the Spring of 2016 my best friend and I popped in to SuGa for a quick drink and bite to eat promising to return to experience the full menu after being blown away by the tasty food and amazing customer service. A few seasons have come and gone since we originally stopped into SuGa but on Thursday January 18 we returned as the restaurant participated in Philadelphia’s Center City District Restaurant Week. I am pleased to say the food was absolutely delicious. My mouth is actually watering as I am typing this. Also, the customer service was served up in abundance.

The evening began with prompt seating after needing to change our reservations due to schedules not coordinating as planned. Upon being seated we were promptly offered water and given menus. I liked the restaurant week options that SuGa gave because it covered basis for everyone whether a true at heart carnivore, a pescaterian or vegan.  I opted to go with the BBQ Baby Back Ribs as an appetizer, the Mandarin Crispy Shrimp for my main course to which I added a side of Brussel sprouts and the Warm Apple Galette for dessert. The ribs were my favorite part of my meal. Not because the other food wasn’t as good, but the ribs were cooked perfectly in texture and flavor. I could truly eat them every day.

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What I appreciated about the main course of my meal was the portion size. I have been to a number of restaurants where the serving size was questionable, especially in entrée dishes that involved seafood as the protein. SuGa definitely did not disappoint. The dessert was fresh and the apples had the perfect balance of sweet and tart with the surrounding pastry not being soggy. For drinks we indulged in the Sparkling Susana, because I for one will try any drink that involves champagne at least once! The drink was absolutely amazing so I had two!

As it was time to check out and head home we took notice that the restaurant was transitioning. The lights got lower and the speakers got louder. We found out not only does the restaurant have a late night menu from 11:00p to 2:00a, but also hosts karaoke on some nights. We decided to stay for a few songs and they had great selections. The staff was accommodating and even allowed us to use their backdrop for an impromptu photo session.

SuGa lived up to its sweet name. My sister, best friend and I have already made plans on returning to dine and hang out here again ASAP.

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